Saturday, September 6, 2014

AHG MD1208 in the News

We have 62 girls registered or re-registered through AHG Connect as of this morning! We are expecting re-registrations from 10+ remaining families and new registrations from an additional 10+ families. So, it is looking like we will have a larger troop again this year. What a blessing!

Since I know our girls are both patriotic and creative, I draw your attention to a contest that AHG is promoting on behalf of Constituting America. A flyer is attached with rules, prizes, etc or visit They are seeking original work (poetry, music, essays, PSAs and more) based on the US Constitution. Submissions may come from children and adults. I know we have creative+patriotic moms, dads and siblings, too! The deadline is September 17.

As I close today, I ask you to reflect upon your journey in bringing your daughter to AHG. It might have been 5 years ago, it might have been 5 days ago. Maybe it was for friendships, maybe it was from fears of this world, maybe it was for her college applications. You may not recognize it now, but I am confidant that it was a God moment and I thank you for acting on it, consciously or unconsciously.

I am so excited about our coming year and working with all of you to build these women of integrity. I am blessed to be a part of it and walk with you all on this journey. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, concerns or ideas as we move forward.

Gretchen Magno, AHG MD 1208  Troop Coordinator
St. Mary of the Mills Parish
114 St. Mary's Place
Laurel, MD 20707


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