Monday, September 29, 2014

TLUSA WWII Memorial -- Honor Flight

Thank You to all the TLUSA Trailmen that participated in the TLUSA WWII Memorial -- Honor Flight, Sept. 28th 2014.

 There were several DC area Trail Life Troops that greeted WWII Veterans arriving with the Puget Sound Honor Flight at the National WWII Memorial in DC. Adventurers Will Moore, VA-4031 sang the National Athem and James McCaskey, VA-717 performed “Taps” while Trailmen and leaders led the veterans in the Pledge of Allegiance. The Trailmen welcomed and thanked the veterans for their service with handshakes and salutes.

I have about 100 photos and can put them in a drop box for Trail Life USA. Let me know. Here are a few from today.

Walk Worthy
Anita McCaskey
Committee Chair, VA 717

I'm happy to also see several Trailmen from MD0518. ~keith

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