Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Year-Round Camping Award

This home grown award is available to any registered Adventurer or Navigator or adult member of Trail Life USA Troop MD-518. The requirements are:

To spend at least one night a month camping for twelve consecutive months. Any consecutive twelve-month period qualifies. Camping may be with your troop or your family. One long-term troop summer adventure may be used to count for two consecutive summer months (one of those months must be the month of the adventure). Camping must be in a tent, hammock, shelter, under the stars, or rustic cabin. 

We have a camping form the boys are required to fill out that has the above description and a chart to record the date, type of camping, location, and leader's or parent's initials for each month. Most camping nights are with the troop, but the boys also camp in their back yard if they need to.

We buy our patches from one of our troop moms who has a small embroidery business and does great work. On Facebook she is: Sew Unique Embroidery & Design. — Sew Unique Embroidery & Design.

TLUSA Troop-0518, currently led by Troopmaster Steve Padget, is charter by Forge Road Bible Chapel See also their TLUSA Ministry Page

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