EquipU-DV17 10/6-8/2017


Deep Valley Christian Service Camp, Slippery Rock, PA

(1) EQUIP for Adult TLUSA Leaders Weekend

A comprehensive, hands-on training course
for registered Trail Life USA leaders
who have a passion for working as direct-contact leaders.

The aim is to inspire and kindle the fire of the
TLUSA vision and mission in adult unit leaders. All Program areas
(Woodlands, Navigator, Adventurer, Guidon, Committee, Area Teams)
will be covered through outdoor focused and value added training
that will lead to Unit collaboration, growth, knowledge,
 and Area & Regional cohesion.

On-line class The Patrol Method & The Area Team
Outdoor Skill (Model Campsite & Tools) (Backpacking)
Campfire Fun, Fellowship & Inspiration
Advancement / Badges
Plan the Program / Deliver the Program 
Health & Safety Policies
T3 – Train the Trainer - Part 1
Keeping Christ in TLUSA / Worship Service
Show/Tell Exhibits (anyone sharing skills/displays)
Centralized Dining (4 meals Sat. & Sun breakfast)
Tent Camping for participants, Cabin Camping available if required.

(2) EQUIP YOUTH for 2nd year Navigtors & Adventurers Weekend
EquipYouth is an Introductory Leadership Course for youth leader,
1st and 2nd Officers, Patrol Leaders, and 2nd year Navigators
& Adventures who desire to be equipped as leaders. 

This is an Introductory Leadership course for Navigations & Adventures.
It's designed to train two kinds of youth students.
It gives new Trailmen an introduction to the tools leadership.
It gives staff members practical hands-on training experience,
under the guidance training adult mentors.

Course Objectives
Learn the motives and methods of servant leadership.
Understand the purpose of youth leadership in Trail Life.
Practice course skills throughout the event.
Build on knowledge of leadership positions & the chain of command.
Develop a foundation for future growth.

Deep Valley Christian Service Camp
1073 Studebaker Rd., Slippery Rock, PA. 16057  724-856-4100

To be the premier national character development organization
for young men which produces godly and responsible
husbands, fathers, and citizens

EQUIP YOUTH - Central Theme

Leadership: Giving the Gift of Guidance.” 
emphasizes a fact of life in or out of the Troop
you lead by empowering others.

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